Autumn Harvest Yogurt


Do you ever get stuck in a breakfast rut? Add some new inspiration with this seasonal fall fruit yogurt. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I tend to agree with that. Eating well in the beginning of the day can help set you up for success later in the day. 

I get really excited about breakfast, often planning it out a day or two beforehand. I wake up early to read, exercise and have some time to myself. By the time I prepare breakfast for others in my family and sit down to eat my own, it's usually about three or four hours after I've woken up, so I am good and ready for it!

This autumn harvest yogurt is fresh and filling. I use whole milk yogurt to get the most nutrients, and I often like to make my own raw milk yogurt. It is alive with gut-healthy probiotics that help with everything from energy to clear thinking. It makes sense, right? When we can properly digest our food, we can extract the most nutrients from it. 

But wait, you may say. Raw milk? Full fat? Raw milk (and all other raw milk products such as butter, cream, cheese and yogurt) help with everything from allergies to skin health. Pasteurized milk has many of the nutrients heated out of it, and also makes it harder to digest. 

And full fat dairy products contain more nutrients that your body needs. Especially when it is raw. Don't let the fat scare you. If you listen to your body's cues for when you start to feel full, you can start to pay attention to the nutrients your body needs.

I like to eat this autumn harvest yogurt with a few scrambled eggs on the side. That may sound like a huge breakfast to some people, but keep in mind it is four hours after I've already been awake. And I don't snack throughout the day, so all my nutrients go into three meals. Plus, I like to get enough protein at the beginning of the day to help avoid cravings later on. What I like about this breakfast is that it has everything: protein, fat and carbs in the form of whole foods. 

Top this seasonal yogurt bowl with autumn fruit like pears and pomegranate. Other good options would be persimmons or sauteed and cooled apples.. I like to add pepitas on top for crunch. Mixing a little bit of vanilla extract or cinnamon into the yogurt would really take it over the top. 

I hope you give this seasonal breakfast a try. Share in the comments what you topped it with and what you think!

Autumn Harvest Yogurt

Serves 2


2 cups full fat plain yogurt

1 pear, thinly sliced 

1 pomegranate (slice in half, then use the back of a spoon to whack the fruit until the seeds fall into a bowl)

1/2 cup pepitas or other nuts or seeds

optional vanilla extract or cinnamon to stir into yogurt


Divide yogurt between two bowls. Top with toppings and enjoy. 

Other ways to change up your breakfast routine...

- Morning Smoothie

- Waffles with homemade applesauce

- Sweet potato pancakes