Hispanic Heritage Month


Today is the last day of the Hispanic Heritiage Month. My kids are in a Spanish immersion program at a school in Baltimore. There are a few different languages at the school, and each language program takes on different cultural celebrations throughout the year. Hispanic Heritage Month was the first one of the school year. Each Spanish class did a song (virtually) and my girls' class was no exception. Of course I got really into the food. We had already planned to have homemade tortillas, and when I realized that it coincided with the day we would watch the Hispanic celebration of their school online, well, I just had to make black beans and even flan. Come and cook with me. 

My girls were super excited to wear their flamenco dresses and shawls for the event. I put my Spanish shawl on and Justin even came downstairs in a soccer shirt he was given in Spain. Together we watched Lydia sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in Spanish with her class and Evelyn sing a song from Venezuela. It was good fun. One of my dreams is to be a bilingual family (or as close as we can get) so I was absolutely loving this. I have been to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Spain. And total, I've spent about two years of my life between them. 

After changing out of their flamenco dresses, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with homemade tortillas, butternut squash, black beans and all the fixings. 

My favorite recipe for homemade tortillas is here. They are just so, so good. You mix them up the night before and let apple cider vinegar soften the whole wheat flour, which makes it more digestible. Similar to sourdough. Then you roll them out between two pieces of parchment paper. You can use a tortilla press if you have one, but I found that they get thinner and bigger if you roll them out. My method was to press, then roll. I cooked them on a hot griddle and kept them warm in a towel. 

For the toppings, I cooked black beans, roasted squash, shredded cheddar cheese, cut up some avocado and dolloped the sour cream. The result was perfection. I realized afterward that I forgot to add salsa, but I liked it better that way because the butternut squash made them slightly sweet. I think salsa would have been too much competition between flavors. 

And, I've never made a flan before, but I found a recipe for a paleo coconut milk flan. I'm not paleo, but the recipe fit the ingredients in my pantry. It was a pretty simple recipe to make and I highly recommend it. I used coconut sugar to make the caramel sauce. It sat in a puddle on top, looking beautiful and brown. All and all, we loved celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We love all of the different Spanish speaking cultures and have had nothing but positive interactions with our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

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Jonathan said…
But did you use Celtic sea salt as the recipe stated? There is no other kind worth using in a flan.
Ha ha, I'm pretty sure I used Real Salt. And it was even kosher instead of regular because that's what I had. But it still turned out great.