Portugal: Óbidos

Foz do Arelho Beach in Óbidos
This is a continuation of our Portugal travels during Christmas and New Years. 

We left our basement apartment in Lisbon for an airy house in the countryside of Óbidos. It was a beautiful setting, complete with farmlands, a lagoon in the distance, and a little café/market up the street. Soon after arriving, I walked up the street to buy some food for the next day or so. The little one room shop had everything we needed, and I couldn’t believe how cheap it all was. Fruits and vegetables, bread, some meat, beans, and nuts were under 12 euro.

Can you believe this was all under 12 euro?

Towards the evening, we set off on a walk and took pictures of the beauty around us. It was fun being in the country after coming from the city. We didn’t make it to our planned destination of the lagoon, but we enjoyed the walk just the same.

Walking around wear we stayed in Óbidos.
The next day, Justin planned a day trip to three different locations. The first was the old castle wall in Óbidos with houses on the inside. It was incredible to walk the old streets and imagine what it would be like to live there. Apparently, they are not letting any young people move in, because when the older people are gone, they will turn it into a historic site. But old mixed with new as crowds of tourists parted to let cars out of the narrow streets (only homeowners living within the castle walls could have cars in there).

The tile work in Óbidos, and throughout Portugal, is amazing.

Lydia took this picture. 

The town in the castle walls in Óbidos

Inside Óbidos

Justin tried a shot of cherry liqueur, which is what Óbidos is known for. It came in a dark chocolate little cup which he ate afterward. Evelyn and Lydia wanted a chocolate cup, and I said, no, of course not. Then the woman handed one over to them, and they happily shared it. 

Justin and his shot of cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup
Next, we went to a little town and found a park while we waited for the bus to take us to the beach. This was mainly a stopover town, and we excitedly boarded the bus to set off to our final destination. The heat was turned way up on the bus, and we couldn’t wait to get off. As the bus rounded a bend and the beach came into view, we let out a collective, “Ooooh!” The Atlantic waves crashed against the Portugal shore. A cliff was off to the left, and mist from the waves hung in the distance.

Justin takes the plunge in December, while his daughters look on
Justin couldn’t wait to go in. After running from the waves for a while with the girls (Lydia getting washed in to shore at one point), Justin set off toward the waves, with his kids looking on. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as the picture lays it out to be, but it shows what happens wherever we travel: Justin takes the plunge while his family looks on. Sometimes we join in, but typically only when warm enough.

Beautiful sunset over the Atlantic
We watched the sunset, then wished our bus would come sooner than an hour and a half. But, we made the most of it, getting some pastries at a café, then reading Tumtum and Nutmeg. We got home past dinner time. The girls were put to bed (Lydia had fallen asleep, and Evelyn was too tired for dinner), then Justin and I ate dinner while planning our next adventure: Porto.


Jonathan said…
That pic is the most Justin Kuk pic one can dream of.
Candice said…
Haha I agree with Jonathan. Also, I love that the person with the cherry liquor just handed one to the girls. Hehe. Merry Christmas!
Rebekah Kuk said…
@Jonathan - Isn't it though? But you have to know that he doesn't always come out looking so tough. Often when it's cold he's hopping and hooting and jumping around.

@Candice - I know, right? Kids are very much doted on here. When I took Evelyn to the grocery store in Madrid, she said, Maybe they'll give me a lollipop. And I said, why would they do that? Well, she was right. They handed over two to her in the checkout line. Same with the waitress at a cafe in Ronda. It's just everywhere.