Mother's Day Weekend

This was my third mother's day (excluding the one when Evelyn was in the womb) and it just may have been the best. My in laws were in town, and they bought us a night at a bed and breakfast downtown. It was strange to just drive a few exits down the highway to have a little getaway, but at the same time it was fun to be a tourist in our own city. This was my first night away from Evelyn EVER, and it was wonderful.

We stayed at the 1840's Carrollton Inn just off of President Street. Oddly enough, it shared the same 1840's plaza that connected to the 1840's ballroom where my old roommate and I used to go salsa dancing every weekend when we first moved to Baltimore nine years ago. I never would have guessed then, in 2006, that I would someday be coming back to that plaza to have breakfast with my husband with a two-year-old at home and a baby in my belly.

After checking in, we walked half an hour to Fell's Point where we had dinner at Waterfront Kitchen. It is literally right on the water. The photo above was our view, and our table was on that dock. The weather was perfect. We watched sailboats, water taxis, and runners go by as we dined on arctic char and scallops. The food was good, but the setting was spectacular. It was such a treat to be able to have multiple conversations with each other and not get interrupted by Evelyn! On the way back, we walked through Little Italy to get hazelnut cake and gelato for dessert.

For breakfast the following morning, we dined in the beautiful 1840's courtyard. The breakfast was filling and tasty, and we felt so relaxed. Justin chose French toast and eggs Benedict, and I had poached eggs, home fries, English muffins, and sausage. We lingered in the courtyard while Justin read some tourist literature and a paper, and I looked at the historic signs throughout the ancient courtyard.

Upon returning home, Evelyn and my in-laws were eating waffles. She had gone to sleep early and slept all night, which was a relief to everyone. I spent the rest of Saturday cooking for a fancy dinner for three at the farm, which I will write more about in a later post. Sunday morning I woke up and saw a homemade card (Justin's specialty) and a six pack of beer. The gift is an hour of babysitting for each beer while Justin watches the kids and I sit in the backyard in peace. Perfect. The card he made said on the front: "Daddy: Let's wish Mommy a Happy Mother's Day. Evelyn: Why should we wish Mommy a Happy Mother's Day?" It made me laugh so hard because Evelyn asks why to EVERYTHING. There is no end to the why questions. And she often asks "why should" instead of just "why", so the card was very appropriate. Inside, he listed the reasons that they should wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It was very sweet.

After church, we went to Gwynns Falls Park to have a picnic and ride the miniature steam engine trains. Evelyn loved it, and it is amazing to see dedicated volunteers/hobbyists who keep these steam engine trains alive. Upon arriving home, I took a nap. Then, Justin and my father in law cooked us a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, maple roasted carrots and parsnips, and salad. I felt so carefree to not have to cook.

Then, we all sat poolside and relaxed. It was a truly memorable weekend. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week.