The Short List: Lunch and Dinner

Summer is winding down. I'm about to pull up the remaining tomato plants, pickle the green ones, and plant some cool weather kale and radishes. The nights are cool and the days are warm and breezy. I always say that my favorite season is when they change. I love the excitement of cooler temperatures and turning leaves. When fall gives way to winter, I love the smell of snow and pulling out warm scarves and boots. Spring brings life and joy, and summer means swimming. At the start of fall, I will savor warm comfort food, go apple picking (and making apple butter), and eat out on the picnic table for as long as we can stand it. And host fire pit parties.

I owe you a second short list. I posted the previous one here, one that highlighted brunch and dessert. This list is all about lunch and dinner. The idea behind it is highlighting my go to recipes if I don't want to do much thinking or if unexpected guests are coming. These are all recipes that I do well, and it surprised me to look over them and see that most of them are soups or stews. Add some homemade bread or rolls, and you're all set. Here is the list.

- Kale Salad 

Eat this as a side to any sandwich, soup, or main dish. I also love to make an amazing kale salad from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. The dressing she uses in that salad can be found here.

If you're not that into kale, this soup will shock you. The flavorings are great, and the kale gets soft and mild. The chickpeas are wonderfully filling.

- Sweet Potato Soup
I make this soup once or twice a month in the winter. It freezes well, can go with different types of cuisines, and just tastes so good.

- Pesto Pasta with Peas
Easy pea-sy (ha ha). I make pesto throughout the summer, freeze it, and pull it out to add to pasta, a bit of pasta water, and frozen peas. A complete meal.

- Homemade Pizza
Homemade pizza dough takes some prep, but it freezes well, so I always make enough for six pizzas. Just thaw, roll out, and top with whatever is leftover in the fridge (but anchovies are a must).

- Bison Chili
So hearty and warming. My favorite meat chili.

- Curried Lentil and Swiss Chard Stew
This one will surprise you too, if you're not used to eating Swiss chard. And, if you cook the stew down enough and/or hold back some of the liquid, it is thick enough to pack into a pita and make a sandwich.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!