Brunch With My Beau

It's Fall. The leaves are crunchy. The sky is a brilliant blue. The sun is warm, the breeze is crisp. I could go on. Justin and I did something a couple weeks ago that we have looked forward to for, oh, about a year. We went to brunch. Not just any brunch, mind you. Our favorite, perfect Woodberry Kitchen.

I know it's not actually perfect. No place is. It has been, however, featured in Gourmet magazine (when they were still around) and Bon Apetit and it has plenty of other accolades. Woodberry Kitchen has excellent food, a beautiful atmosphere, and impeccable service. The waitstaff have an easy, carefree manner. The men wear plaid shirts and the women wear skirts and aprons, usually with a calico print. They are extremely knowledgeable about the menu and know where the food comes from. They look you straight in the eye every time, smile sincerely, and make you feel like you are their only table. Your water is filled frequently. The waitstaff does not hover but does not hide either. No detail is forgotten: mini jars for condiments, little cream jars, cloth napkins that are actually absorbent, a dainty spoon to stir your latte. In addition to the incredible food, it is the whole experience of dining at Woodberry Kitchen that makes such a fun date. Granted, you pay for this experience. But for us to go once or twice a year it is worth every penny.

Justin ordered a small French press coffee (note the timer above to tell him when to press it) and I had a lovely maple latte. His breakfast was eggs Benedict with incredibly flavorful ham, a side salad, and a thyme-y hash brown on the side. Mine was a "morning flatbread" (a pizza) with maple sausage, cheddar, and two dainty farm eggs cracked on top. A side order of buttery whole grain biscuits rounded out the carb heaven I enjoyed.

Since we were both so excited about this date, we fully expected to enjoy ourselves. You know how when you feel negative about an upcoming event, it usually ends up being negative? Same is true for the reverse. We wanted to have a good time, so we had a good time. The beautiful weather and the fact that we biked through the park to get to our destination made it even better.

We talked about so many things. On the way through the park, I asked Justin what were his three favorite things about Druid Hill Park. We were to think about them and discuss over brunch. We talked about our favorite view along the bike ride. We compared goals for next year, both spiritual and personal. We discussed racial issues and disparities and how to be part of reconciliation instead of upholding the status quo. We thought of doppelgangers for each other. In short, we had a blast.  It was so refreshing to just be together and not have a one-year-old, or housework, or school work clamoring for our attention. I hope to go again before a whole year passes. Maybe a Spring date that involves another bike ride, and flatbreads and beer at the bar, so we don't break the bank. 
Do you have a favorite restaurant that never disappoints?

Here is what has been cooking in my kitchen:

Lazy pizza dough with a really simple sauce

My new favorite nut butter

I can't stop eating these

Super easy, overnight broth

Greens: saute with garlic, hot pepper. Add a dash of lemon juice and maple syrup at the end. Amazing.

I love this comfort food

Have a great week everyone!