Sometimes, You Just Eat Cold Pasta

Sleep is at a premium around here. I thought once we got past the newborn stage, out of flu season, and into the golden months approaching toddler-hood, we'd be sleeping all night long, never having tantrums, eating only veggies and organic fruits and whole grains (never processed), and sleeping all night long. Did I say that already?

Evelyn slept through the night maybe twenty times, ever. The latest was ten nights in a row with only one hiccup. Then came double ear infections and a nasty cold. So can I get mad at her? No, of course not. Even when I do, it melts away pretty quickly. But we are tired. Just plain tired.

Last week, after tucking Evelyn into bed at 7:30 pm, I wailed to Justin "Let's just eat cold pasta and raw carrots for dinner and go bed." He replied, "Sounds good to me!" So that's what we did, until she was up crying again, and trying to eat our cold pasta with us. Then a few nights ago, it was 8:30 pm. "Want to have ice cream and go to bed?" I asked Justin. Enthusiastic yes was the reply. We had our peanut butter ice cream with chocolate sauce and climbed into bed as soon as possible.

Honestly, though, the pasta was pretty good. It was cappelinni pasta (the fancy term for angel hair) with peas, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan, and really good oil. I buy sun-dried tomatoes marinated in olive oil with herbs, and I dump all of that in the pan. It's amazing. We had it for dinner hot one night, and I had planned to eat the rest for lunch, with carrots on the side. But with a sick kid and no sleep, we just ate the leftovers for dinner instead.

It's crazy the ways your eating habits change when you have a little one. Yesterday afternoon I calmly sat on the kitchen floor drinking my second cup of coffee, while Evelyn rolled onions around and gnawed on them. Every now and then I would reach up and grab my buttered bread to take a bite. 

What do you all eat when you're tired, busy, or both? Because, you know, sometimes food is mind-blowing and delicious. Sometimes it's comforting. Sometimes you eat it to be polite. And other times, it's just to fill your belly. My go to snacks include any kind of leftovers (unheated, sadly), peanut butter, apples, chocolate, and yogurt. Justin reaches for the raisins.

In spite of being up multiple times in the night, I have been doing things in my kitchen. Here is what's been cooking lately:

Corn Fritters (I linked a recipe previously, but I like these better)
Will probably never make this again
Variation of this curry
A quick and easy side dish
Salted Butter Chocolate Sauce
Justin made this for dinner last night

Also, here is what's "walking" in my kitchen lately. Have a great week!