Cheddar and Mango Grilled Cheese

Well folks, this will be my last grilled cheese post for the month of April. It's been fun bringing you gourmet combinations of cheese and bread. Do you have a favorite?

Cheddar and mango -- funny combination, don't you think? I first had a cheddar mango grilled cheese when my brother-in-law discovered a recipe for "grown-up grilled cheese." I'm not sure where he got it from, but there was a gorgonzola and honey version, and a cheddar and mango chutney version. Both were amazing.

For this version, I used champagne mangos because they taste more like the true mangos you find in warmer climates. Sometimes you can get a good traditional mango (the kind that are green and rosy on the outside) but it's hit or miss. The champagne mangos are pretty consistent with good mango-y flavor, but they're also only temporary. They're at Whole Foods now.

If you can't find a good mango, you can use mango chutney. It's slightly different but still good. Use the best sharp cheddar you can find -- this is what carries the sandwich. The bread is important too. I used black russion bread. It was kind of like pumpernickel and had poppy seeds on the outside. The seeds got nice and toasty during the grilling process.

Next month I may bring a new food theme to the blog. You'll have to wait and see!!

Mango and Cheddar Grilled Cheese
Serves 1

2 slices black russian or pumpernickel bread
3-4 slices champagne mango, sliced very thin (or 1-2 tablespoons mango chutney)
2-3 slices sharp white cheddar
1 tablespoon butter
Heat butter in a skillet over medium low heat. Build your sandwich. When it's melted, add sandwich to pan, covering to encourage cheese to melt. After 2 minutes or so, flip over and grill other side. Enjoy!

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SC Ramsey said…
The Smoked Salmon tempted me, but I'd reach for the Cheddar Mango first if I ever encountered a platter of tantalizing grilled cheeses such as you've introduced this month. Thanks for all of the good ideas on an easy-to-make entree.