April is National Grilled Cheese Month! [Classic Grilled Cheese]

Yes, I'm serious. It really is National Grilled Cheese month...along with National Humor Month, National Garden Month, and International Guitar Month. But for our purposes, we'll stick with the grilled cheese.

I grew up eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was tasty, especially with Saltines crushed on top of the soup, but in recent years I have, shall we say, expanded my repertoire. Although the recipe I'm going to post today is pretty standard, for the rest of the month of April I'm going to bring you gourmet (but easy) versions of the classic grilled cheese.

But first, tell me -- how do you like grilled cheese? With tomato slices, or dunked in tomato soup? With funky cheese? Fancy bread? My favorite way to eat classic grilled cheese is with ketchup. A crisp sandwich, melty cheese, and a squirt of ketchup on the side. Justin loves ketchup, and will even have it on well-seasoned roasted potatoes, so when he eats his grilled cheese, he has practically 1 squirt of ketchup per 3 bites.

My grilled cheese of choice to kick off this exciting month uses pleasantly chewy sunflower flax bread (from Atwaters) paired with mild, buttery Muenster Cheese (South Mountain Creamery), and, you guessed it, a squirt of all natural ketchup on the side (Heinz has a high fructose corn syrup free version, as does Trader Joe's and Whole Foods). I didn't include a photo with the ketchup because, well, it just doesn't look that pretty. But it sure does taste pretty.

"Classic" Grilled Cheese
Serves 1

2 slices good quality chewy bread (such as sunflower flax)
4-5 slices muenster cheese (enough to cover 1 slice of bread)
1/2 tablespoon butter
Heat a pan over medium low heat. Prep your sandwich with cheese. Melt butter in pan, then place sandwich in pan. Cover to encourage cheese to melt. After 1-2 minutes, flip sandwich over, adding more butter if needed. If cheese is not fully melted when bread is toasty, turn off heat and cover for 1-2 minutes longer. Serve with ketchup.

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Anonymous said…
Ha! I like mine with ketchup too...and I thought I was unusual for this.
Rebekah Kuk said…
Charlottesvillesybarite -- I started eating grilled cheese with ketchup in junior high school when a friend insisted that was the best way to eat them, and I've been doing it ever since (unless, of course, there is tomato soup). I checked out your blog -- very nice!