Peach Picking!

I went peach picking a couple weeks ago, and we brought home a full bushel. What does one to with a full bushel of peaches? Make every peach recipe imaginable, that's what!

Some friends and I made a plethora of peach-y goodness. Some of them are pictured. Since a lot of them involved canning and freezing, I haven't tried every last recipe yet, but here is what we made:

Peach Ice Cream (the flavor was amazing, but somehow it turned out too icy)

Blueberry Peach Cobbler (this one was definitely a keeper, although we used blackberries instead of blueberries)

Peach Salsa (delicious!)

Peach Tea (very refreshing)

Grilled Peach, Arugula, and Feta Salad (loved this, especially after all of our hard work)

Peach Chutney (haven't tried this one yet -- I'm waiting for the right recipe to use it on!)

Baltimore Peach Cake (had to choose a local recipe for my local fruit -- it smelled delicious out of the oven, but I put it in my freezer and it's still waiting to be eaten)

Maple Vanilla Peaches (haven't tried this yet either, but a friend says they're great in oatmeal)

We also made jam, which is the one recipe I don't have available, but there are plenty out there you can use. I'll have to let you know how these goodies taste as a slowly get through them.

I also made peach pancakes with some of the fresh peaches. They were nice. I used an oat-based pancake recipe, cut up peaches to add to the batter, added pecans, and made a peach syrup to drizzle over top. And, of course, since we're all about toppings at the Kuk household, we doctored them up with granola, yogurt, and extra peach slices. Use your favorite pancake recipe, but grind up oats in a blender to make into flour, and use in place of regular wheat flour. Add whole oats as well. Buttermilk makes a nice flavor addition too.

What is your favorite peach recipe? Do you plan to go fruit picking this Fall?


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