Food Hospitality

Have you ever stayed at someone's house, been grateful for a free bed, but were blown away by how thoughtful your host was to your food needs? I'd like to introduce the concept of food hospitality.

A couple of weeks ago, Justin and I went on vacation in Michigan and Ohio. For the first part of it, we camped on South Manitou island on Lake Michigan. The weather was pristine, our campsite was perfect, and the food was...good. You know, camping food. After a few nights of camping, we visited Justin's parents in Ludington, MI. They went out of their way to make tasty meals and even buy sustainable chicken and seafood, since they know our qualms about not eating sustainably. They prepared such delicious food, as if just being with them wasn't enough. It meant so much to us that they respected our food decisions and helped us to follow them.

Then we stopped at a friend's wedding in Ohio on our way home. Before we had left, a friend of ours heard where the wedding was and offered to contact his parents (who we had never met) to see if we could stay with them, since they were close to the wedding. They welcomed us wholeheartedly into their home and we had a blast getting to know them. We were touched by their food hospitality of omelets, fresh fruit, and even buying us fresh roasted nuts at the local peanut shop.

When have you experienced food hospitality? What did you eat, and what touched you about it?