Cottage Cheese

I’ve never been much of a fan of cottage cheese. It weirded me out a bit, to tell the truth. Maybe it was the texture, or the too-milky taste of it, or the way my mouth feels when I say it: “cottage cheese”. But let me tell you, I am now a cottage cheese convert. What happened? Well, a couple of months ago, I made a stuffed eggplant. Part of the recipe called for cottage cheese, and sometimes I like to follow new recipes exactly as written when I first try them. I made the stuffed eggplant, and it turned out nicely, but I realized as I was eating it that I completely forgot to add the cottage cheese! Now I was stuck with a tub of it in my fridge, and I hate to let food go to waste. So I Googled “cottage cheese recipes” and discovered that there are a ton of different ways people like to eat it. Instead of feeling like I had to choke down the cottage cheese in my fridge, I actually wanted to buy more cottage cheese just to try all of the good-looking recipes.

Some recipes that caught my eye (and that I actually tried) include cottage cheese mixed with the following ingredients:

- Bananas
- Ripe tomatoes and fresh ground pepper
- Brown mustard as a veggie dip
- Grated carrots, raisins, cinnamon, and sugar
- Cantaloupe
- Peanut butter, jam, and wheat germ
- Romaine lettuce, canned tuna, canned corn, Italian dressing
- Lemon juice, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper

What do you think the winner was for me? What catches your eye? Leave a comment, and I’ll let you know my pick in a couple of days.