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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cooking In Confinement: Carbs

 These are interesting times, aren't they? As you know, I'm living in Spain for the year, which is under lockdown thanks to coronavirus COVID-19. It seems that other parts of the world are beginning to follow suit. Thankfully, we are at least able to get out occasionally and go grocery shopping. I have been cooking through some recipes lately, and wanted to share some that I liked with you. Today we are focusing on carbs. Because what is more comforting in times like these than carbs? Just be sure to keep a balanced diet. 😏

Friday, March 6, 2020


The iconic bridge connecting the old and new halves of Ronda
On a rainy Saturday morning, we left our apartment to board a bus to Ronda (pronounced Rohn-da), home to an iconic bridge connecting the two halves of the town and a bull ring. We arrived at noon. Our check in time for the Airbnb was at four. We had some time on our hands.