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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Winter Brunch

I would love to share this brunch with you. But first, a love story.

Our friend Mike is a renaissance man. He knows how to do pretty much everything, and if he doesn't, it still comes across that he does. He met a girl online. Andrea. She is Mexican, and was about to move to Baltimore for school. They started dating and we quickly realized how lovely and genuine she is. So, on April Fools Day last year, they eloped. We were shocked! They marched themselves down to City Hall and got married. Turns out their lawyer advised them to just get hitched so that Andrea's green card process would be sped up. April Fools Day was the perfect day to do it.

This was the first of three weddings for them. Last fall they had a beautiful wedding near Mike's parents house. Blue skies, warm sunshine, and autumn leaves. (Their third wedding will happen in Mexico in the spring). They requested no gifts. They had no registry, and said that if we really wanted to be creative, we could draw a picture or write a poem. Something from the heart. We decided to make them brunch, but not just any brunch. I believe the invitation went something like this:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Food Grace

I received some birthday money in the mail a couple weeks ago. I stick to a budget very well, but it is hard for me to save any extra cash for very long. I like to spend it on what some people might view as frivolous: restock my wine, buy some good chocolate, maybe a pair of earrings I don't really need. Spending extra cash on whatever I want is an outlet that helps me stick to a strict budget.

So this morning, before story hour at the library, Evelyn and I wandered into The Wine Source. We were the only customers in there at the early hour of 10:00 am. I pushed her around in the shopping cart while she took off her hat, pointed to the cash registers, chewed on the expensive coffee bag I handed her, and wanted to eat the comté I selected from the expensive cheeses and salumi.

I bought a couple bottles of liqueur to use for a brunch Justin and I are hosting on Saturday, a demi baguette to go with my comté, some dark birthday beers, and another bag of Counter Culture coffee. Birthday money well spent, in my opinion.