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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Honey Squares

These homemade energy bites always make me think of my mother-in-law. She brings them whenever she visits, and sends me home with a bunch whenever I visit her. The flavors of peanut butter, carob, and honey are complemented by crunchy nuts and seeds. Raisins add a little sweetness.

This recipe makes about 16-18 little bars that are quite filling. If you want to double the recipe, you can either make bigger bars or twice as many. They keep well in the fridge for about a month, so it is definitely worth the effort to individually wrap them and then pull them out for a snack. They are good to take hiking, eat as an afternoon snack, or eat after a good workout. You can use any mixture of nuts and seeds that you like, or use all seeds for a nut-free version.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Potato Soup

Hey peeps. My first week of being thirty was grand. I got back into biking since spraining my wrist (I've been able to do everything else normally for a while now, but shifting gears was still painful until recently). I hosted a brunch. I went to a friend’s apartment warming party and had the best ever flan. And, I made this soup.

As promised, I have for you a lovely veggie centric recipe. This sweet potato soup is one of my favorites, and as I was photographing it, I thought, “I must have already posted this.” But I checked, and no, it’s a new one for you.

Sweet potatoes are a common rotation in my house. My husband declared he could eat them every day, and I’m sure with as many forms as there are to roast, bake, cook, or shred them, that would be true. Whenever he sees them nestled in with the onions underneath the counter, or out waiting  to be prepped, he lets out a loud, ‘’Oooooohh! Sweet potatoes!” The way to his heart.

This soup combines the natural sweetness of the tuber with a deep variety of spices like fresh ginger, cinnamon, curry, and cayenne. If you do not like spicy soups, cut the cayenne down a bit, but not completely. A dollop of plain yogurt or sour cream on top cuts the heat, and a sprinkle of roasted peanuts adds a nice crunch. If you’re avoiding dairy, just leave out the half a cup of milk added at the end.

Enjoy this soup with some crusty bread for dipping and a cool drink.